Saturday, March 26, 2011


I think I've been avoiding blogging and knitting because I knew I needed to rip out a project. I'm making a sock and it's too big. What's crazy? It's a sample. But I'm just not happy with how big it's coming out and the stitches look sloppy because they're loose. So any minute now I'll get the courage to pull out the needles and rip it out.
I should really just get over it. I wasn't that far along!

A few other items on the agenda: I've ordered some more fingering weight yarn to dye up Sakura. I also found the perfect shawl pattern! Well, I think it's perfect. As soon as I get more dyed up I'm casting on. Ooooh, what about a knit-a-long?! Any yarn looks great with the pattern so lets find a skein and cast on. More deets once I have the yarn dyed up. In other Sakura news, there's still some in the shop! Right now $85 has been set aside to donate to Mercy Corp to help Japan. Can't wait to crack $100!
Next on the agenda: There's some new designs up on the blog! If you read through a feed come on over to the live blog and see what I'm talking about. It's also on the back of the Twitter page and the Store! What do you think? I'm slowly making some changes around here with the help of Caffeinated Mama. There's lots going on behind the scenes, so keep an eye out!

Have you heard of this? I think I'm going to play along. See you Monday to talk about two yarns!
small disclaimer: I just realized I've been drinking caffeine all day. I'm a little bzzzt from all the soda!


  1. Thanks for the mention! Can't wait to see all the Octavia shawls! Perfect in Sakura!

  2. I'm going to try out the week of blogging.

    Octavia is pretty from what I could tell in the pics, but I have way too many shawls in my queue to add it. ;-)