Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well we discovered a nasty little critter has been shacking up in our garage. Not good. I've suspected for quite a while but finally did a thorough investigation today. G-R-O-S-S times a million. We still need to get rid of it, but for now most of the mess is cleaned up. I lost a bag of fiber from OFFF 2009, two small vintage cloth suitcases, and a few skeins of yarn. Considering the possibilities of what's in the garage? I got off pretty light.

While going through everything, I think I've discovered all my works in progress. Yikes! There might be one or two more hiding in the garage but I doubt it. I have a bin, a b-i-n full of WIPs. I have a few things that just need to be sewn up, one with just ends to weave in and a few baby sweaters that need arms. And those are just a few of them! I found a bunch of needles, all of my sewing up needles and lots of stitch markers. I've also found more stash by this reorganization. Not crazy about that part, but reality is good.

I don't even know how to set a plan for myself. It's a little daunting how much I need to do. Maybe I'll do a WIP Wednesday as a little motivation. Well, sitting here writing about it isn't going to get anything knit! Maybe in the day light I'll take some pictures of the monster pile. Let's end on a brighter note.
I also want to thank all those that have joined the CSY/F so far! I can't wait to start sending out the new yarns!


  1. Here's a little group that might help you out on Rav -

    Good luck!

  2. Well, this should help you with your Lenten cast-on fast!

    I still have a big desire to cast on a bunch of new stuff, but am trying to re-knit the current project (had a massive geometry fail...) before I allow myself something new.