Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The things I've learned

I'm not great about getting pictures to share! But I have learned a lot this last year in knit-land. It might have been about a year ago that I was at knit night and everybody was working on something. I had a token project but it was what I work on between real ones. I'd sort of lost my knitting mojo. Sally was knitting just to knit and she needed me to do a stitch for some reason. I was inspired! Knitting because it was fun.

I think I started a few things that week! I also ripped out a few projects that I knew I would never get to. I have followed this guideline for a year and it's very freeing. I've ripped out more and I've remained excited about what I'm knitting.

I've also been slowed down by what yarn to knit with. I feel like if I have time to knit I should with yarn I've dyed. Samples for the booth are always a good thing right? But it stops me from knitting. So I'm getting over it and enjoying knitting with what ever strikes my fancy. And I'm still getting some samples done!

Now for actual knitting knowledge. I've learned the basic construction of a shawl and I'm not nearly so scared of knitting them! I think not being pregnant and o getting older has helped my knitting skills. I started knitting Octavia (sorry I didn't wait for you) and I'm a lot more comfortable with the directions and construction. I sort of want to go back and rip out a few that I started and I didn't know what I was doing. We'll see. Maybe I can redeem them. Speaking of shawl, I'm off to knit!



  1. I like the new blog layout! Very nice!!

    Happy knitting on that shawl!! :)

  2. I had to rip out the Ishbel shawlette once, do a simpler shawlette pattern and come back to the Ishbel. Now its fine. Not sure what exactly it was that I learned in between but apparently it was enough. I still goofed up a couple rows, but I never could figure out where, so I figure no one else can either. Happy knitting!

    From Leigh - Had to choose Anonymous as google profile wasn't working???

  3. The key to getting samples done for your booth is to let others do them for you. I've worked with Susan and Sharon and I know others have as well, doing samples for them. They don't usually give a requirement of what they want knitted, just something that really shows off their yarns well. In exchange, I've gotten either fiber or yarn.

    Just a thought!

  4. Oddly enough, both of my current projects are in your yarn. I have the Bling shawl, and the Sakura cowl. You can hang both of them in your booth whenever you need them (as long as I actually finish them!) they are fun design projects.