Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Stash

So today's episode is supposed to be about the stash and how it is kept. As a dyer, it's sort of hard to remain objective about what is 'my' stash and what is inventory. But I'll show you pictures of what's in the garage.
We got this pie case at a garage sale last year. E painted the inside door and the outside too. The little design is his little sign for princess, my nickname! Pretty lucky lady.

e modeling his safety glasses
Each shelf is a different weight. I have a couple of cones of sport weight that I got on sale when a shop was closing here in town. They sort of take up a lot of room! I should find a big project and put the yarn to work. For some reason I think it would be great for a crochet blankie.
Then there's all the yarn that had to be relocated after the critter lived in our garage for a bit. The two on the right have big on going projects. The bin on the left has all the WIP and FO's that need ends sewn in. I think. Yeah, too much stash I think.
Then there's the spinning stash. The bottom two buckets. I think that's all the spinning fiber. I might have a little at the studio. The top bucket is yarn that I know I'll never use and gets put out at the garage sale.

Every once in a while I go through the stash and pull out yarn that I know I'll never get to. But I would have to agree with Michele. I'm only buying/dyeing yarn as I need it now. My taste changes with time and experience. As I learn more techniques and how yarn can effect a project I'm realizing that I don't know if I'll use the yarn I have. But if the worst happens, I'll have plenty of wool to knit something to keep us warm.

Do you have a way of organizing your stash? Are you always adding? What's your favorite furniture to store your yarn/fiber in?

And it must be said, please excuse the mess in the garage! Yikes! But I wanted to share some pictures.



  1. I love the pie safe! And e's safety glasses.

    You mentioned a blankie, and I just realized that I have the other half of the strips for o's second blankie. I need to crochet them together for you!

    Oh, and the tag should be 2KCBWDAY3 (W, not G)

    Glad you're still playing along! I just wrote day 5 in advance...

  2. We are planning to move so I've also been re-examining stash and coming to much the same conclusions. I can definitely buy fabric, yarn and fiber faster than I can make product, so am trying to limit the purchasing rate to less than or equal to the rate of finishing.

    My stash is all in large blue rubbermaid bins. They stack two high on a concrete shelf around my basement where my 'studio' is. I totally hear you on critters. They are NOT welcome!!!!

    Leigh - that google thing still won't work.

  3. Love the pie case!

    Have you thought of adding the yarns that you're considering garage selling into your Ravelery - Trade/Sell page? You can also list it in the ISO/Destash group and possibly soon find yourself with an empty bin. Include the cost of shipping in your sale price. I've found that I can spend $1.69 for a padded envelope at the PO and ship for usually under $3 in the US. There's also the priority mail flat rate option if more than two skeins going to the same place.

    If you still have stuff to get rid of in June, bring it to the WWKiP event and dump there. ;-) What doesn't get traded with someone, I'll take to the senior center (so you could write it off next year as a donation on your taxes.)