Friday, July 20, 2012

Feature Friday: Primarily Speaking

I'm so excited to share with you Primarily Speaking! This is a fun little line of colors that came about from play, the best kind of inspiration! I was filling an order and just happened to have primary colors in front of me. With the left overs I made secondary colors and felt like a genius! So here is Primarily Speaking! 
Nothing like a rainbow to brighten your day!
Primarily Speaking is available on super wash merino fingering, dk, worsted and aran. Can I just tell you that the DK is the most delicious yarn ever? So round, and bouncy! I'm thinking something for the boys for this fall will be in order!

Orange and Green are made with the yellow as a base and a wash in red or blue. The Purple is the only with that has a different color involved. I use a more pink red as a base color and then a blue wash over it. When I used the red, there was too much orange in it and with the blue wash it turned a muddy purple. Because there are two colors applied on the secondary colors, Orange, Green, Purple, there is a lot of depth. I'm a little in love! 
So, what's the feature this week? Yoked! I love this pattern. You can make a wee baby size, like the one above, or you can make an adult sized one. All written into the same pattern! So, purchase a skein of worsted weight Primarily Speaking, in any color, and I'll include Yoked for free! If you'd like to order any of the six colors in any of the yarn weights  please let me know, I'm happy to dye to order!

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  1. I love how bright and cheery this line is! Such great saturated colors.