Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Catch up!

Quick warning: I have a picture below of my in progress Rockefeller Mystery KAL. You've been warned. 
Wow did time get away from me! I'm barely getting this post in for Wednesday. But I do have a finished object to share! I finished the Sierra Sunset Cowl for our summer KAL!! Such a treat to knit! If you haven't cast on yet, I highly recommend it. I took it to the park, and all over Portland. The three different section that you knit are just perfect for plunking down a few rows. Before you know it you'll have your own cowl! A big thank you to Jimmy Beans Wool for having such a great pattern available for free! 
Just waiting for it to finish drying. Leave it to July to be overcast and chilly.
Next up, I'm chugging along on Olana Shawl. I love me some stripes! The Picante skein is going to be the third color at the bottom. I need to put in some time on that shawl and get to the next section. I'm really enjoying knitting with Feather Weight. This yarn is so beautiful, and takes color very well.
I'm starting to notice a color theme! I have Yellow Brick Road, Peacock, and Picante all in Cashy, ready to go for the Color Affection. Have you made one? I know I'm not the last person in the world to make it, but getting close! I'm going to try and wait for the olympics and see if I can do it during the games. Are you doing a project for the games?
On to the Stephen West KAL! I'm loving it! I think I have 16 windows done, I need to have 32 done by Friday. I'm going to be honest, I'm getting a little nervous. So nervous, I think I need to stop typing and start knitting!!
Feather Weight, Brown Sugar and French Kiss

A quick update on Community Supported Yarn: a big thank you to all that have joined! I have had a few people ask about making payments, a big yes to that! I totally get budgets and being responsible. Sign ups don't close until August 31st, there's still plenty of time to make a plan!


  1. you havee more knitted on yours than i do on mine !! I really need to get busy !!

  2. My Color Affection was going okay and then when color #3 was added, I didn't like the colors anymore. They look awful and jarring and I just can't do it. Fortunately I hae 67 other projects, so when I find the exact right colors, then I'll have another go at it.