Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! And happy 4th of July!! I can't believe it's July 4th already! The weather sure has tricked us this year. I hope you are doing something fun (and safe) for the holiday! Here's a quick update on some things I'm working on:
My Sierra Sunset Cowl is coming along swimmingly! I'm almost down with the first section and hope to add a few rows today. This has been a great project to take along to the park. Portland has a program in select parks, free lunch for kids 1-18. Pretty great! The boys eat their lunch, run around like crazy and then come home for a nap. I can usually manage 2-4 rows!
I'm trying really hard to pace myself with Tour de Fleece. Last year I had an injury a few days in because I spun straight for a few hours, a few days in a row. Not good! While I'm a little jealous of how much Brooke (Sincere Sheep) is cranking out, I'm happy that my hands and shoulders still like me! 
We're headed up to Grandma's for the 4th. I'm crazy optimistic about how much sewing will actually be accomplished. You know how you go on a trip and bring a sweater, socks, cowl, and a new project to cast on just in case? Yeah. I'm doing that with my sewing. I have these three patterns, plus the Sorbetto top that I want to make. What I'd really like to do is make one of each in sale fabric and work out the kinks. Then using my favorite fabric crank out a few of each. Now that I'm not nursing my dress world has opened up! So really my goal is to cut out a pattern or two and sew them up and see how they fit. Can't wait!!

How are your WIP? Do you have a management system? Keep them corralled in some way?

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  1. I'm working up to spinning a lot each day. I got into a 4 day retreat with Judith McKenzie - hope my hands, etc. last that long.

    Sewaholic Patterns!!! Yay! I want to do the Cambie dress. :)Hope you have a fun and productive weekend.